My name is Mike. I've been toying with having an athletic body for a few years now. I get close, then I fall flat on my face. In 2010 I ran, and completed a marathon... as a result I have been suffering from Achilles tendinitis ever since. I'm currently undergoing physio and have been feeling a lot better. I have decided that for this year I'll hang up my shoes and dust off my road bike and let my heel... well, heal. My intention for this blog isn't to simply "squish my nuts," but to educate myself, and readers about my experiences on the bike, weight loss, and anything else life decides to throw at me.
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Back on the bike…

I haven’t been on the road bike in awhile. My dog ate my tire levers and I live about 4 hours away from the nearest bike shop. I jumped at the chance to buy levers and a bunch of tubes a few weeks back and now I’m ready to start putting on additional kms on … Continue reading

Crappy Tire, DOMS, and my vices

So I purchased my bike pre-assembled… at least that’s what I thought. On Sunday I took my bike along with my dog down some dirt trails. When I got out in order to ride straight I had to make a hard left on my steering wheel. After fixing that I went out on the same … Continue reading

The new bike

Strength training…

So I’m thinking of starting a simple strength training routine. Chin ups – At this point in time I can only do one. I’m too fat. Chubby. Festively plump. Back in the day when I was rocking 170 I could do them like nothing. Ah the good old days… I’m determined to get back into … Continue reading

Getting the itch…

and not that bad kind of itch from a one night stand. I’m talking about when the weather is hot, the wind is light, and the only thing you can think about is watching the pavement go underneath those skinny tires of yours. I’ve been incredibly busy this week with work, and can only shake … Continue reading

My last bike purchase.

Since I’ll be buying myself a new bike to replace my old CCM “commute, run the dog, q time with the wife” bike I thought I’d write about the last time I purchased a bike. In 2006 I was on a mission. I was just getting into cycling… riding my now stolen CCM. At the … Continue reading


On Saturday morning around 1:30 am I awoke to a noise. My dog heard it too and made sure to wake me with his bravest bark he could muster. I was up in a flash and grabbing a pair of scissors from the kitchen I surveyed the house. Brisco my dog stayed upstairs to protect … Continue reading

So far… not very far.

I’ve only been out on my bike 3 times so far this year. The first two times I went 20 kms. Early this morning I ventured 10 kms further and tackled some bigger hills at the same time. I got off the saddle as much as possible and attacked as much as my out of … Continue reading