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Back on the bike…

I haven’t been on the road bike in awhile. My dog ate my tire levers and I live about 4 hours away from the nearest bike shop. I jumped at the chance to buy levers and a bunch of tubes a few weeks back and now I’m ready to start putting on additional kms on the bike.

This morning I took my crappy tire bike out on the trails again. This time I took along a allen wrench just in case. I didn’t have too much problems… my cheap front derailer won’t jump into the big gear, but other than that the bike is running good now.


About squish

My name is Mike. I've been toying with having an athletic body for a few years now. I get close, then I fall flat on my face. In 2010 I ran, and completed a marathon... as a result I have been suffering from Achilles tendinitis ever since. I'm currently undergoing physio and have been feeling a lot better. I have decided that for this year I'll hang up my shoes and dust off my road bike and let my heel... well, heal. My intention for this blog isn't to simply "squish my nuts," but to educate myself, and readers about my experiences on the bike, weight loss, and anything else life decides to throw at me.


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