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Getting the itch…

and not that bad kind of itch from a one night stand. I’m talking about when the weather is hot, the wind is light, and the only thing you can think about is watching the pavement go underneath those skinny tires of yours.

I’ve been incredibly busy this week with work, and can only shake my head at all the good days I’ve been missing. Damn deadlines!

One of my problems right now is working late hours in front of my computer. I’m a creature of habit. I work in the television industry and occupy many different hats. This week I’m an editor. When I edit, I eat junk food and consume caffeine. In the old days I’d polish off a pot of coffee or two over an all night session. I’ve since moved on to energy drinks. Last month’s all night session I consumed 4 cans of Rockstar and a bottle of pop along with various forms of junk food.

Unhealthy… and pretty stupid considering I’m trying to trade in the keg for a six pack.

The good news is, this week should be the last of my major editing sessions for awhile… possibly til the fall. Lets hope by then I’m back on track and close to my goal weight which is about 180.


About squish

My name is Mike. I've been toying with having an athletic body for a few years now. I get close, then I fall flat on my face. In 2010 I ran, and completed a marathon... as a result I have been suffering from Achilles tendinitis ever since. I'm currently undergoing physio and have been feeling a lot better. I have decided that for this year I'll hang up my shoes and dust off my road bike and let my heel... well, heal. My intention for this blog isn't to simply "squish my nuts," but to educate myself, and readers about my experiences on the bike, weight loss, and anything else life decides to throw at me.


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