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Weight Loss

So far… not very far.

I’ve only been out on my bike 3 times so far this year. The first two times I went 20 kms. Early this morning I ventured 10 kms further and tackled some bigger hills at the same time. I got off the saddle as much as possible and attacked as much as my out of shape body could handle.

It’s made me a little humbled. I can remember the days where a 30 km ride was simple. An entire winter sitting on my butt has really opened my eyes. Since I can no longer run (for the time being), I must ride. I am no longer feeling sorry for myself and am prepared to hit the pavement.

I am currently 33 years old. Rewind about 10 years back I tipped the scales at 260 lbs… I’m 5’11”. Cycling made me into the athlete I never was. If it wasn’t for my bike(s), who knows what I’d be doing, or for that matter, how heavy I’d be.

True, I’ve yo-yo’d with my weight. Since then I’ve gotten to 175 lbs, but have since bounced around from 180 to 210 over the last 5 years. At the moment I’m 205… that’ll change as I put more miles on my bike of course.

I’m not entirely sure if anyone will read this, if they do, please leave a comment.




About squish

My name is Mike. I've been toying with having an athletic body for a few years now. I get close, then I fall flat on my face. In 2010 I ran, and completed a marathon... as a result I have been suffering from Achilles tendinitis ever since. I'm currently undergoing physio and have been feeling a lot better. I have decided that for this year I'll hang up my shoes and dust off my road bike and let my heel... well, heal. My intention for this blog isn't to simply "squish my nuts," but to educate myself, and readers about my experiences on the bike, weight loss, and anything else life decides to throw at me.


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